Mission Programs  

Our congregation supports a wide range of mission activities. Some highlights:
  • We give 10% of all undesignated funds to Basic Mission Finance in our denomination. This fund literally touches people around the world to provide food, educational facilities, emergency assistance, shelter and hope. Together with all our sister churches in the United States and Canada, we can make a difference.

  • We collect quarters each week in our quarter tube for Heifer Project International. When filled, the quarters purchase a sheep or goat for a person who is in need of this animal to begin a herd of their own to meet their economic needs. The recipients, in turn, give the first female animal to another person who is in need, so the miracle of giving goes on and on to others. So far, the church as purchased two animals.

  • We participate in Reconciliation collection (racial relations) and One Great Hour of Sharing on World Giving Sunday.

  • Our CWF has sold products from SERRV to benefits both the church and the artisans in emerging countries who made the items.

  • We have a good samaritan fund that can be dispensed to those in need that are either within the church or show up at the door and are in need.

  • We were honored in 1999 as the top Disciples church in Arkansas in per member giving to mission programs.