Project History
These are some examples of the projects I have worked on:

With Information Network of Arkansas,
  • State Vehicle Safety--Allow state agencies to track the changes to the driving records of their employees who are registered to drive on state business. The project included creation of a database to manage the driver lists, an interface for maintaining the driver lists, and a program to check for changes to the driver lists and notify the agency of the changes. Public Page
  • Motor Fuel Tax Filing--Allow motor fuel carriers to file fuel transaction reports on-line. The project included creating interfaces to allow uploading of EDI transaction files and downloading result files via modem and internet connections; processing EDI files; transferring processed files to third party; and providing processing reports to the state agency.
  • Governor's Electronic Message System (GEMS)-- A set of on-line services to provide Arkansans ways to communicate with the Governor. The project included: set up on-line forums, develop an electronic newsletter that would be e-mailed to all subscribers, and set up on-line chat service for the Governor. Home Page
  • Lobbyist-In-A-Box--An on-line tool to allow users to track legislation. The project included creating databases to record legislative information and user search critereia; writing report tools to allow users to view search results; and writing data programs to acquire the legislative data and update the local database.

With Information Network of Kansas,
  • District Court Searches--Allow users to search court records for current docket and case information. The records were acquired directly from the remote computer systems using HLLAPI tools. All the search capabilities of the remote system were replicated in the on-line program.
  • Kansas Register--Convert the state publication to format to be displayed on-line. The document was initially in a special printer markup language that had to be parsed and recreated for display on-line. I worked on several similar projects to convert legislative information.
  • Conversion to Web Interface--Oversaw and did much of the development to convert the Information Network of Kansas from a text-only, bbs-style on-line service to a world wide web based service.

  • Searchable databases--In both states, I worked on many projects to create searchable on-line databases. These projects involved importing data from a wide range of soures; creating a database to replicate them locally; and creating a search interface.

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